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If you ask me, my ideal would be the society based on liberty, equality and fraternity. An ideal society should be mobile and full of channels of conveying a change taking place in one part to other parts.

-Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Little help for medical treatment

Financial Help to Mr. Dhiraj Walke for Medical Treatment

A Nagpur youth named Dhiraj Walke was suffering from AnkylosingSpondolysis & Peripherial Arthritis (Psoriaic). He was unable to sit, walk & bend on his own. He could not even do his own work. Due to financially weak family background, it was very difficult for him & his family to take proper medical treatment.

In spite of physical disabilities & weak financial background Dhirajis very social by nature. He is always helpful to the neighbourhood he is living in. He is academically very sharp in his studies. He has a dream to educate students of poor financial background by providing them extra tuition for subjects like English, Science & Mathematics.

Dhiraj heard about our organization BAIAE (As it was previously known as AIM Japan) from his close acquaintance. Dhiraj decided to contact BAIAE for financial help.

BAIAE came to know about Dhiraj’s medical condition & poor family background. Also BAIAE was impressed by his strong social desire, willpower to get medically treated & become helpful to society we are living in. BAIAE without any hesitation took decision to provide whatever financial requirement was necessary for the medical treatment. BAIAE asked all the members to donate extra amount of money than usual monthly contribution.

BAIAE gathered total amount of JPY373, 000 (which is equivalent to INR 1,27,117/-) for Dhiraj’s medical treatment & sent immediately to his family.

Dhiraj underwent bilateral total hip replacement & bilateral total knee replacement. He is now able to sit, walk, bend on his own. He is able to do his own work.

BAIAE got following feedback from Dhiraj informing about his current status in 2009 August. He is now running the extra tuition classes for the students from poor family backgrounds, helping them to improve their talent in English, Mathematics & Science. Dhiraj is also preparing for various competitive entrance exams. Together with improving his financial status Dhiraj is also doing the social work for needy people. He is now providing tuition to 1 poor student free of cost, Dhiraj is willing to increase the no. of students as he will get financial stronger & stronger.