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Recruitment Project

Aim : To develop the skills by providing Software training & Japanese Language Training to the selected economically weak Indian Buddhist Engineers and make them competent to work in Japan by extending help from entire team of BAIAE members (previously named as AIM JAPAN).

Specific Objective & Strategy: Achieve success in providing Job opportunity to selected Indian Buddhist Engineers and increase Indian Buddhist Community in Japan region and also explore possibilities of bringing more Engineers by achieving success in this project.

Scope: Japan's market offers tremendous scope in Automotive Industry. There is a huge demand of Indian Mechanical professionals to work and build the career in world's number one technologically advanced country.

Project Brief: This project began with the idea to develop the skill set of economically weak Indian Buddhist Engineers and extend a helping hand until they are placed in Client Company in Japan. We started the discussion on this project in the monthly meetings and finalized to provide trainings to at least 2 financially week Buddhist Engineers and call them in Japan to work. We had asked for resumes from interested candidates and resumes from Mr. Pravesh Gajbhiye, Mr. Rahul Raut, Mr. Pritam Dhole, Mr. Alankar Rahate and Mr.Dinesh Kamble were obtained. The date of Interview was decided to be on 27th Dec, 2006 at 2 p.m. in Sekkei Solution Nagpur. The test was conducted for these guys related to Engineering Mechanics, drawing, CAD ability and then the personal interview were held. Two candidates were selected after the final interview namely Mr. Pravesh Gajbhiye and Pritam Dhole. After selection, these guys were trained for CAD software and Japanese language. After providing them vigorous training for about 3 months, the candidates was evaluated for their Japanese language skills and CAD skills as well. We found them to be fully prepared to work in Japan Environment. After that we proceeded for the Visa of these 2 engineers. BAIAE members put a lot of efforts to convince Japanese companies to provide at least Business Visa to these guys. With more than 2 months of efforts we convinced one Japanese company to sponsor them 3 months Business Visa for Japan.

Finally both the Engineers Mr. Pravesh Gajbhiye and Mr. Pritam Dhole arrived in Japan on 2nd Sept, 2007. BAIAE members extended their valuable support to both these guys by allowing them to stay at their Home, until they get the placement. Monthly 50,000 yen remuneration was given to each for the expenditure for their traveling, mobile card and other expenses.

Within the 3 months of time, sponsored company tried to arrange the interviews to their client place but failed to place these candidates. Hence a request was sent to further increase their visa by converting the business visa into work visa. Thus work visa was granted to both the candidates for a period of three years. Lot of efforts was put up again for about six months for candidates training in Japanese language and CAD software.

Finally the efforts turned successful and the candidates were placed into automotive company in Japan. Both of them are now well settled into the engineering profession. Thus BAIAE Japan gained success into the mission. This was in turn one of the most successful project undertaken by BAIAE Japan.

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Mr. Pravesh Gajbhiye
Mr. Pritam Dhole

983,890 YEN