Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Association for Education, Japan

Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise both will wither and die.
-Dr. Ambedkar

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Association for Education, Japan

What do you mean by ‘Education’? Think!!!

Education does not mean to be just literate, i.e.  not just be able to read and write, rather it means to acquire knowledge to enhance one's ability to reason and make sound judgment. However, when one is instructed to only view things in a certain manner, regardless of truth and facts, this is actually a form of programming - not education.

We are the people who are residing in Japan, and are at constant resolve to "Pay Back to Society" and we chose to serve the society by contributing towards Education.
The basic idea behind this association's functioning is to prepare Ambedkarite NRIs here, to "PAY BACK TO THE SOCIETY ". The members are of the opinion that all the educated Dalits including NRIs are a product of Dr. Ambedkar's life long crusade. The logical end of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar's mission was to restore human rights to every suffering dalit and downtrodden in India.
The main thrust of the association's activities is –
1.      To strive for providing quality Education to deepest corner of downtrodden society.
2.      To create quality institutions for walfare of Dalits and downtrodden.
3.      To create awareness among the Dalits to fight for their rights.
4.      To provide direct help to needy people through welfare programs.
5.      Help and support to create our own media.
The above objectives are to be achieved by generating resources within the community. This was achieved by way of regular contributions from the members.


BAIAE, Japan Establishment

The activities of BAIAE Japan were started from 112th Birth anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar celebrated on 19th April 2003 at Toyota city, Japan. During this time we had adopted the name ‘Dr. Ambedkar International Mission, Japan’ for displaying unity with already present organizations with the name, but operating independently. But unfortunately few legal issues had been raised connected with the name, and ultimately decision to change the name to ‘Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Association for Education, Japan’ has been approved with all members’ consent.
BAIAE is a self dependent organization run by all the members. Members of BAIAE Japan contribute a particularly fixed minimum amount on monthly or quarterly basis.

Members Of BAIAE Japan

BAIAE members are mainly Buddhists who have received an opportunity to come to Japan. The basic motivation among the members for formation of BAIAE is
Members are not limited to Buddhist Community as long as there is devotion and dedication for the Buddhist and all downtrodden communities in India and other part of the world. Participation in BAIAE activities are not limited to the members only but anyone can attend the meetings, participate in our activities to guide us and share their valuable knowledge, experiences for the betterment of BAIAE activities.
Members / Participants can contribute irrespective of their participation in BAIAE activities. BAIAE believes that only the monetary contribution is not a mean of "PAY BACK TO SOCIETY" but voluntary contributions will also help us to bring change Dalits and downtrodden people.

BAIAE Japan Main Focus

The main focus of BAIAE Japan is on Backward and Poor classEducation and spreading awareness of their basic Human Rights
In fact 
Education is one of the strongest means to create awareness among backward class people to fight for their rights.
Strongest guidelines for our working manner is derived from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s slogan ‘EDUCATE, AGITATE, ORGANISE’. And in today’s world Quality Education is the primary key that will open up more and more opportunities to Dalit and Downtrodden class.

BAIAE Japan Working Manner

BAIAE Japan reports regularly the
MOM (Minutes Of Meeting)
Balance Sheet (Monthly updating Contribution / Expense Sheets)
Project Reports
BAIAE Japan follows the Process Standardization for
Approvals for any activities / Projects
New Project Proposals
Project Tracking
Standard Templates for reporting and communication
We maintain all our reports, records and relevant data in our database accessible from this website (Restricted to registered users only) so that all members can have access and availability of this data at any point and at any locations in the world.

Aims and Objectives:

1.      Build & Develop an unique "International Centre" in India which can provide Food, Clothing, Shelter and all developing facilities mentioned below in one single umbrella on the theme of "Japanese International Centre" activities to develop needy Indian Buddhist Society and Downtrodden people, to make them a complete "Human being "By providing all possible required "facilities" like
School Education (From kindergarten to Higher Secondary School)
Entrance Test coachings (IIT/PET/PMT/ CAT/CET/GRE/TOFEL etc.)
Competitive Coaching's (I.A.S., I.E.S., U.P.S.C., M.P.S.C., Railway, Bank etc.)
English Speaking & Personality Development
Computer Education (M.S.C.I.T, Programming)
International Language Studies (Japanese, French, Chinese etc.)
Library to assist the backward class students by providing: -
       School / College & Computer books
       IIT/JEE entrance guide books ,IAS examination study material, GRE/TOEFEL for taking higher studies abroad
       Scholarships Examination Books
Literature Books to propagate social and religious philosophy of Dr. Ambedkar and learn and educate about Buddhism: -
       Writings & Speeches - All Volumes
       Bahishkrut Bharat
       Buddha and his Dhamma
Research Centre
Software development Centre
Sports & Fitness Centre
Engineering College
Medical College & hospital
Hostel & hostel mess (For Food, Clothing and Shelter)
2.      To support / launch media of the Ambedkarites
3.      To encourage the research work on untouchables issue
4.      To create social awareness among the backward class people so as to improve their living conditions and gain respect in the society
5.      To distribute small sets of books written by Dr. Ambedkar and other social reformers to general public
6.      To encourage the Ambedkarite literature by constituting awards for the Ambedkarite literature
7.      To support backward class organizations which are engaged in cultural activities

Appeal from BAIAE Japan

Lets be the sensible part of our society.
Our small attention and small contributions for society may change lives of many poor people in India.
We should think about the poor, backward part of our society and try to help for encouraging them to grow better Economically, Socially, and Educationally.
Lets join our hands for
The betterment of people, society and ultimately the whole nation.
he upliftment of original Buddhist community and downtrodden people of India to bring equality, demolish poverty and bring India close to the Developed nation
To help us for the achievement of our aims and objectives, goal sets and if you are willing to contribute monetarily, please use our Paypal (coming soon) in this website or you can also deposit your contributions directly in our Bank Account
--Will update soon---
Note: With change in the organization name and re-structuring, this document will change without notice.